Tundra: Tough for Years

Truck ads are usually just a sausage of specs and features wrapped up in a testosterone skin. For example:

Guitar lick

What we realized is — in terms of specs — the difference between trucks is actually really small. It doesn’t matter if one truck can tow 100 pounds more at its very maximum than another truck. All the trucks can do the jobs you’re actually going to be doing every day.

What really matters is if the truck can do the job for years.

What you might not realize looking at this spot is how much snow had fallen before the shoot. We had to reschedule three times to avoid filming during actual snowfall.

The beauty of filming at a gravel pit is that all you need is one guy with a bulldozer to push fresh gravel over the snow.

ALL the snow.

If you could look just off camera, you would see nothing but white.

  • Role Copywriter

  • For Prairie Toyota

  • Type TV

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